NSTA National conference in Boston

NSTA Boston 2014 3
The NSTA Boston show floor.

It’s been a few weeks, but we’ve finally unpacked and gotten back into the office routine following a whirlwind trip to the NSTA National Conference in Boston. Not only were we excited to kick off April at one of our favorite conference events, but we also put aside a little free time as well to eat in the North End, visit friends, and just be normal (yet nerdy) tourists!

NSTA Boston 2014 2
Our booth on the show floor.

Upon reflection, this year’s conference was one of our most successful in recent memory and a large part of that is owed to all the conference participants who attended one of our workshops or came by Booth #743 to discuss products, provide feedback, or just to say hi. Our flashdrive giveaway was a real hit and if you missed out on one of these delightfully useful little 4GB gadgets, than you’ll have another chance at any one of our workshops this fall (CAST, NABT, & NSTA Regionals).

NSTA Boston 2014 1
Dr. Snowflack teaches a workshop on biotechnology basics.


Dr. Danielle Snowflack ran all five workshops on the first day of the conference (and this time she didn’t lose her voice)! One of our most popular was the new “Biotech Basics” workshop, which was offered for the first time. Covering the “ABC’s” of biotech topics, procedures, and equipment, this rewarding workshop allowed teachers to become students. Some participants were veterans looking to freshen up their pipetting skills, but many were first-timers eager to introduce biotechnology into their classrooms.

We’re looking forward to heading down to New Orleans in two weeks for the NSTA STEM Forum & Expo and we’re trying out a new booth set-up. Stop by and tell us what you think!

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