This October, WIN an EdvoCycler™ Jr. from EDVOTEK!

16 Well Block
7″ Touchscreen & Onboard Computer
Active Cooling

This October, EDVOTEK® is proud to offer the best-selling EdvoCycler™ Jr. to one lucky educator!

Personal PCR Redfined!

The Cat. #540 EdvoCycler™ Jr. is the newest member of our PCR family and is based on the advanced EdvoCycler™ 2 platform. The sleek form factor has been miniaturized with 16 wells to run individual PCR experiments. A vivid and intuitive touchscreen and onboard computer simplify operation by not requiring a secondary device. And it’s backed by an industry-leading 3-year warranty!


• Holds 16 x 0.2 ml PCR Samples
• 7″ HD Color Touchscreen Displays Real-Time Cycling Data
• Onboard Computer – No PC or Smartphone Required!
• Edvotek PCR Programs Included + Storage for 100 More
• Heated Lid Prevents Sample Evaporation
• Active Cooling to 14º C
• Temperature Range: 14-99º C
• Maximum Ramp Rate: 3.5º C
• Instant Incubate Function
• High Precision Algorithm for Superior Results
• Universal Voltage for Worldwide Use
• 3 Year Warranty (From Jan 1 2020)

Best-Selling Edvotek® PCR Experiments

EDVO-Kit #345

Exploring the Genetics of Taste: SNP Analysis of the PTC Gene Using PCR

The objective of this experiment is to identify the presence of the single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) in an amplified segment of the PTC gene that links detection of the characteristic taste of PTC paper.

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EDVO-Kit #301

Construction and Cloning of a Recombinant DNA

In this experiment, students will assemble and analyze DNA molecules in vitro using several recombinant DNA techniques including gene cloning, plasmid extraction, and restriction enzyme analysis.

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EDVO-Kit #372

Quick PCR

In this experiment, students will gain an understanding of the traditional three-step Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). Using PCR and Agarose Gel Electrophoresis, they will analyze a small section of Lambda DNA in a time-saving two-step process.

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Edvotek® BioTech Tips: Thermal Cyclers

Watch as we cover a piece of lab equipment that is integral to modern genetics, the thermal cycler!

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