We’re on TikTok! Follow Us Today @edvotek

Why TikTok? It’s the perfect social media platform for us to have fun and showcase some science snippets with our short-form videos! We’ll be covering trends, biotech techniques, moments in the lab, commonly asked questions, and more…and we’ll be posting weekly, so make sure to follow us @edvotek to join the fun!

Here are some of our newest videos, let us know what you think of EdvoTok!


Questions we get asked about SYBR®️ Safe. (If you’re still not sure, call us!) biotechnologySYBR®️ Safe is a registered trademark of Life Technology

♬ The Magic Bomb (Questions I Get Asked) [Extended Mix] – Hoàng Read

You say you want a revolutionWell, you knowWe all want to change the world ☑️-The Beatles

♬ Sunny Day – Ted Fresco

Even our little #nematodes will be enjoying a #Thanksgiving feast… prepping their plates today! 🪱

♬ Hustlin’ – Rick Ross
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