My Favorite Edvotek Experiments

I know you’re not supposed to pick favorites…. but I did! I used Edvotek experiments in school when I was going through high school and college, and now that I work at Edvotek I definitely have some favorites. I’ll list a few of them below, and if you have any favorites let us know on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or even TikTok!

  1. S-47: Linking Food Science to Biotechnology: Unlock the color of Candies While this one is a more “simple” experiment, it is fun! You use a solvent to extract the dye off of the coating of candies and run them through an agarose gel to separate them to see what other colors they’re made of. Its one of our kits that is good for multiple education levels, and also gives you an excuse to wander down the candy aisle!
  2. 280: Detecting the Silent Killer: Clinical Diagnosis of Diabetes This experiment offers students the ability to explore the process of diagnosing diabetes. It is immersive, and relevant as diabetes is a disease that affects millions. It gives your students the clinical experience!
  3. 852: Chemotaxis: The Science of Attraction in C. elegans Introduce a model organism, the nematode C. elegans to your lab! This is a fun experiment looking at the power of chemoattractants and their effect on the worms.
  4. 962: Identification of Genetically Modified Foods Using PCR This experiment allows students the chance to test their own food samples for the presence of GMOs! GMOs are an interesting topic in biotechnology, one that allows for innovation and can inspire students as well!
  5. 140: Blood Typing Honestly, the concept of blood typing was hard for me to fully grasp when I was in high school, and had my teachers used this I think it would’ve made much more sense. This experiment is quick, and provides instant results for a fun interactive blood typing activity (don’t worry it is NOT real blood).

So there are some of my favorite experiments! We offer so many different kinds of experiments that it can be hard to narrow the list down. We hope you’ve been able to make a list of your own favorites!

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