Laugh Your Way Through Finals: 5 Funny Science Cartoonists to Help You Study

Between exams, lab practicals, and papers, end-of-term time is no joke. However, injecting a bit of humor during finals can be incredibly beneficial. Not only can laughter alleviate stress and uplift one’s mood, but it can also aid in retaining information and enhancing cognitive abilities. So whether it’s sharing a joke with a study group or adding a comic to your notes or exam, don’t underestimate humor’s potential to help! With that in mind, here are five of our favorite funny science cartoonists.

Beatrice the Biologist – With a mission of “cultivating curiosity and appreciation for science and nature one giggle at a time” and a background teaching high school biology, you can’t go wrong. Also, check out the author’s equally funny podcast Science Brunch and her genetics book.

The Amoeba Sisters – Since 2013, these two sisters have been a powerhouse of amazing and funny biology comics. They also have some incredibly informative and entertaining YouTube videos great for review. Already thinking about next semester? Check their unlecture series for the classroom. These two are golden gurus of science learning through humor, and their site is a must-visit.

Piled High and Deeper – This website started in 1997 and follows the lives of several grad students. Covering the challenges of scientific research, the perils of procrastination, as well as more general science topics like the James Webb telescope, the comic has something for everyone. No wonder it has 6+ million views a year. For exam time, we recommend this one.

Hand-Waving – Don’t let the simple drawings deceive you – the science and biting humor of these comics are potent. These comics explain and illustrate science and math and also cover research and studying. They are worth a visit!

Cookies Science – How can you go wrong with cookies? (Another great way to boost morale during exam time.) Like others on the list, these comics humorously examine the process of science with a definite lean towards health research, as well as those round desserts that most everyone loves.

Hungry for more? We don’t blame you. Art and comics are a great way to learn and convey science. And there’s a great one-stop-shop for them at Cartoon Science! Everything from additional funny cartoons to graphic novels covering everything from physics to climate change. But maybe wait till after exams to go down this rabbit hole!

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