Living Outside the US & Interested in Edvotek? We’re Here to Help!

Interested in Edvotek products, but you live outside the United States? Worried about kit stability while in transit? Never fear! Located in the heart of our nation’s capitol with employees from all over the world, Edvotek is perfectly suited to help you with all your international orders and shipping needs!

equipment_needed01Edvotek is an international brand and has been shipping orders around the world since 1987 and it’s always fun to check a new country off our list! With weekly shipments to the EU & UK, we also regularly send orders to South Korea, Turkey, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Hong Kong, Qatar, Chile, and the United Arab Emirates among numerous others.

The first step to placing an international order is to email to determine your local authorized Edvotek distributor. Over the years, we have established strong partnerships with many area companies to quote, sell, and repair our products. Using a local distributor is the most efficient way to purchase kits and equipment from Edvotek because many keep inventory of our most popular products and handle all shipping and customs fees.

However, on the off chance that we do not already have an established seller in your country, we will quote your order with shipping charges and will directly ship it to you from our facility in Washington, DC. International customer direct sales always have the choice of using their own DHL/FedEx/UPS account or a preferred freight forwarder.

222 FB_media-1The vast majority of Edvotek kits and equipment can ship via standard International Economy. We stress-tested every kit to ensure that it remains viable for up to two weeks in transit. Wet ice is included with most shipments during the summer months as an additional precaution. Occasionally dry ice is included if a kit is especially temperature sensitive. Unfortunately, we cannot export Drosophila or C. elegans. If you’re able to source the live materials locally, we’ll send you the kit and let you know exactly what you need buy locally to perform the experiment.

So whether you’re Department of Defense Education Activity school, university, potential distributor, or an individual looking to try their hand at electrophoresis, do not hesitate to contact us!

Play the video above for a quick international ordering primer!EdvoSwoosh_Faded02

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