Adding COVID-19 Precautions to DNA Isolation Protocols in PCR-based Edvo-Kits

While many of us are doing our part to minimize the spread of COVID-19 by doing things such as wearing protective masks and practicing social distancing, Edvotek is doing its part by providing an alternative protocol to some popular PCR-based Edvo-Kits that will ease safety concerns in the laboratory.

Some of our PCR based kits require the isolation of student DNA, which in the past has preferably been DNA that is isolated from human cheek cells. While it is a quick and easy method to collect DNA samples, it also requires everyone to take off their masks in order to expel a saline solution with cheek cells into a cup. As it is suspected that the virus travels through respiratory droplets, we want to make sure that students can be safe while still being able to practice their laboratory skills. As a precaution, we have provided an alternative protocol for the isolation of Hair Follicle DNA Edvo-Kits #332, #333, #334, #345, and #369. We have tested it extensively, and while the new protocol does take a little longer to complete than the cheek cell protocol, it is safer and produces comparable results!  Now, everyone will be able to isolate DNA from human hair, a much more sterile option, in these PCR Edvo-Kits.

Click this link to access the isolation of human DNA from hair protocol:

Some Things to Keep in Mind While Doing the Isolation of Human DNA from Hair Protocol:

  • Make sure to grab hairs by the root, as this section of the hair will contain the most DNA 
  • Ensure water baths are at the correct temperatures for incubations 
  • Remember to allocate enough time to complete this procedure, since the hair protocol takes longer than the cheek cell protocol
  • If timing becomes an issue, you can store isolated DNA samples at -20°C until needed
  • This protocol can be used in any of the Human PCR Edvo-Kits: #332, #333 #334, #345, and #369

Have fun and stay safe!

Please reach out to an Edvotek® Technical Support Specialist at 1-800-EDVOTEK or email us at if you have any questions.

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