Back to School: Favorite Study and Science Resources

With a lot of focus still being on back-to-school lately, now is a good time to brush up on some good study tools. As a recent graduate myself, I can attest to how much these have helped me through the years!

Quizlet– Completely customizable for whatever topic you may be learning at the time, interactive, supports group-study, and has multiple ways to study and review the set of “flashcards” you made. Quizlet allows you to group sets of flashcards, share them with your classmates, and add pictures to them. 

Kahoot– Studying can admittedly become repetitive over time, but Kahoot lets you make your lesson content into a fun game that allows you and your classmates to compete against each other in real-time.

Khan Academy’s YouTube– the Khan Academy YouTube channel offers great explanations for multiple subjects through varying levels of competency. Their video descriptions often will provide you a link to the website where you can view text-based resources related to the video.

NCBI– The National Center for Biotechnology Information’s website is easily one of my favorite places to source reliable primary literature and review articles, the website is easy to navigate and has tools within it like BLAST. 

PubMed– Which is technically a branch of NCBI is another great resource for literature searching, most articles have access to free open-access full text articles. This is usually where I start the search for articles because it has great filtering options, and can lead you to discovering other reliable sources within the articles!

Spotify Study Playlists– Like many of my fellow classmates, sometimes in order to focus I need a little background noise. I tuned into Spotify’s study playlists a lot when studying to keep me focused and I can’t recommend them enough!

Of course, the main thing about studying is to make sure that you find a method that works for you. Getting creative and trying out a few other methods of studying that you wouldn’t normally try may help things “stick” as well. On our blog here we have a lot of posts that go more in-depth for many of our experiments, like blogs highlighting biotechnology basics as well as tips and tricks for many common methods.

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