Fun For-Shore: Science at the Beach!

It is finally summer! If you have any plans on going to the beach, the shore, or the lake- here are some fun science ideas to explore at the beach that can even be brought back to your classroom this fall!

  1. Sand under the microscope- If you are headed to the coast or the beach, collect a small amount of sand to bring home to look at under the microscope in your classroom. You can look at all the different rock types, variations in color, and maybe even compare sand from one location to another!
  2. DIY Sea Salt- Teach your students how to remove salt from water by simply boiling down water you collected from the ocean. When the water has evaporated off, you’ll be left with your own sea salt crystals. 
  3. Tides and the Moon- Did you know that the moon’s gravitational pull is what causes tides? Next time you’re at the beach, observe the tides and how they line up with the moon. Check out this awesome NASA article for more information!
  4. Flying a Kite- The seashore always has a lot of wind coming off of the ocean. Try flying a kite so you can visualize the different wind currents!

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