Introducing the GoGel Agarose Pack!

Get ready to say goodbye to tedious gel electrophoresis preparations and say hello to our new GoGel agarose gel packs! Whether you’re a busy scientist, a passionate biology teacher or a curious student, our ready-to-go gel packs are the perfect solution for hassle-free experimentation.

The Edvotek GoGel™Agarose Gel Pack is the perfect solution for a busy day in the lab. Our innovative, single use gel packs are designed for ease and convenience, containing meltable 0.8% agarose gel, mixed with TAE buffer, and SYBRSafe DNA Stain. To prepare the gel, just tear open the pack, squeeze the gel into a microwave safe container, and heat until the solid melts  Allow for the agarose to cool to 60°C before pouring into the gel casting system.  With GoGel™, you’ll have a hassle free gel preparation experience!

Our GoGel packs are manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring consistent, reproducible results every time. You can trust this high-quality gel to provide you with accurate and reliable data. So why wait? Say hello to our GoGel agarose gel packs and get ready to rock your next experiment with speed, ease, and confidence!

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