Summer Science Activities

Summer is fast approaching! While we are all excited for some sun and relaxation, it doesn’t mean that science has to take a backseat. Here are some fun ways to incorporate science into your summer break!

Take a Hike!

Got some big hikes and walks this summer? What a great time to freshen up on some Earth Science knowledge.Take note of the nature around you. Do you see a meandering river? A specific rock formation? A waterfall? A sandy beach? There are so many interesting things in nature that we take for granted. Take the time this summer to take in your environment and learn a bit more about what things are and how they were formed!

Is that Water Clean?

Water is essential to life, but have you ever taken the time to assess how clean your water is? Grab some water samples from your home and maybe even from some natural water sources along your Earth Science hikes. Using our Edvo-Kit 953 (Water Quality Testing III: Multiplex PCR Testing of Water Contaminants), test for the presence of three separate, classroom-safe organisms in a water sample using a single PCR reaction.

No Time for Spring Cleaning? Summer Cleaning is Just as Good!

Spring cleaning and science? What do those two things have to do with one another? The arrival of spring brings about happiness and weariness, as the sun starts to appear and school work starts to accumulate. Although we all aspire to get some spring cleaning done, it also coincides with a busy time of year. Don’t fret if you can’t get all that spring cleaning done then, summer cleaning can be just as good. While you clean this summer, test out some of your household cleaners to see how effective they really are at preventing bacterial growth using Edvo-Kit 161 (How Clean is Clean? Testing the Effectiveness of Antibacterial Cleaners).

Got the Artistic Bug?

Skip the boring color pencils and paper. Instead reach for agar plates and colored bacteria. These plate drawings are a fun way to express some creativity over the summer. There are even fun competitions you can enter for agar art! Try Edvo-Kit 228 (Agar Art: Creating Masterpieces with Microbes).

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