Edvotek MyLab Custom Kits

COVID-19, the illness caused by the novel Coronavirus, has spread rapidly across the world and caused shutdowns of almost every sort, including schools. Many teachers have been forced to move their lessons online, and many parents have become novice homeschoolers. Here at Edvotek, we’ve been trying to figure out how best to support teachers and parents during these times. 

Our overarching belief is that science is best learned through hands-on activities, but we understand that wet lab experimentation can be difficult to implement in an at-home setting. For teachers to implement wet labs with schools closed  they either need to purchase individual at-home kits or divide up reagents. The current options for at-home kits often require expensive equipment, purchases of PPE, and waiting weeks for the experiments to get to their students. Dividing up traditional classroom sized experiments  takes precious time and coordination, both of which teachers need just for adapting lessons to distance learning. For parents, inspiration, resources, and know-how to provide science labs for their students can be extremely challenging. As a solution to these problems, we’ve launched Edvotek MyLabTM Custom Kits

With Edvotek MyLabsTM Custom Kits, you can choose from a variety of single-serve experiments for your students to complete at home. Each experiment comes with enough reagents to perform 2-3 replicates, allowing students to experiment with different conditions or perform them alongside a parent or sibling. The instructions are simple and straightforward, with little to no preparation required, ideal for busy parents who may not have time to set up a full science experiment for their students. 

To start, we’ve developed six engaging experiments for your students:

  1. Building DNA with beads
  2. Micropipetting basics (comes with a fixed volume pipette!)
  3. Spooling DNA on a stick
  4. Simulation of COVID-19 antibody testing
  5. Extracting fruit and vegetable DNA
  6. How clean is our home environment?

These pilot experiments are easy to order, simple to follow, and give robust results. For teachers, these simple experiments can be replacements for upcoming classroom labs or help solidify concepts you’ve covered already. For parents, they provide engaging and educational experiments for your child to complete independently. We’re always working to provide more resources, and we will be adding more experiments to this list in the weeks to come. 

Each individual kit purchase is $29, which includes PPE and shipping. Bulk pricing is also available for purchases of 2+ kits per shipping address:
First kit – $29
Second kit – $55
Third kit – $79

To start, visit our website https://www.edvotek.com/mylab-custom-kits and choose the kits you would like your student(s) to perform. To place an order, simply email us at info@edvotek.com with the experiment(s) you’re interested in and the number of students that you have. If you are a teacher ordering for a class, we can coordinate so that each experiment is sent directly to your students. As always, we’re here to help if you have any questions, and we look forward to working with you!

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