5 Must-Listen Podcasts About Science

Are you stuck in a true crime podcast rut? Try listening to any of these 5 podcasts that cover so many fun and interesting topics in science!

  1. In Defense of Plants

A podcast all about plants! Each 1 hour episode highlights a botanical-related topic. Some of the fun topics include: algae, ancient trees, plant conservation, and using plants to prevent disease. 

  1. The Science of Everything

Covering topics in life and social sciences, James Fodor manages to make tough and big topics in science manageable for the average person to understand. Hitting big topics like cell signaling, weather, quantum mechanics, economics, and the immune system.

  1. This Podcast Will Kill You

Interested in the history, the spread, and the dangers of diseases? If you are, this is the perfect podcast to dive into! The hosts, Erin and Erin, are epidemiologists that currently study diseases and want to share their passion for science. They spend each episode discussing the ins and outs of epidemics, non-communicable diseases, and infectious diseases.

  1. Daniel and Jorge Explain the Universe

All of your space and beginning of the universe questions answered! These two spend each episode talking about popular questions people have about the universe that have been left unanswered.

  1. Huberman Lab

A podcast all about neuroscience! Dr. Huberman, a Stanford professor, covers a wide variety of topics in neuroscience aiming to expand viewers’ knowledge in an accessible way. 

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