Another 5 Must-Listen Podcasts

Tired of listening to the same 3 playlists on your phone? Try listening to any of these 5 science podcasts to change things up a bit!

  1. Science Vs

Covering a wide range of topics from current social and political issues to UFOs, this podcast brings out the science in everything. Concentrating on the facts and debunking misinformation.

  1. Science Friday

Feel behind on the big topics of science right now? Look no further, this podcast gives you 50 minute episodes on the biggest science news each week!

  1. How to Save a Planet

There is so much information about climate change out there, that it can be difficult to digest it all. This podcast brings you a journalist and climate enthusiasts to help you understand the important information about climate change without feeling overwhelmed.

  1. Ologies with Alie Ward

In each episode Alie talks with a scientific expert, or “ologist” about their field of expertise. From sea creatures to Mars missions, you are sure to learn something new!

  1. Teen Scientist

For all our students out there! Listen to one of your peers, Rayna Malhotra, talk about groundbreaking science from her perspective. Talking to both experts and students, it is refreshing to hear about science from a teen perspective.

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