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A little twist on an old classic. Here’s a list of everything your school lab needs to start the new year off right!

Essentials: The basic lab supplies everyone needs to have successful experiments!

  • Edvotek Variable Micropipettes and Pipet Tips
    • 0.5-10 uL 
    • 10-100 uL
    • 100-1000 uL
  • Set of Beakers
    • 500 mL
    • 1000 mL
  • Set of Erlenmeyer Flasks
    • 250 mL
    • 500 mL
  • Graduated Cylinders
    • 100 mL
    • 1000 mL
  • EdvoPette Pipet Controller and Serological Pipets
  • Deionized Water 

Accessories and Safety Supplies: Everything you need to stay safe in the lab!

  • Lab Coat
  • Safety Goggles
  • Disposable Gloves 
  • Hair Ties
  • First Aid Kit
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Eye Wash Station
  • Safety Shower

Equipment: These play a big role in making sure experiments run smoothly and quickly!

Fun Extras

Hope that you got everything you needed for your lab this year!

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