Equipment Spotlight: TruBlu Jr. Blue Light Transilluminator

We are ending the first month of the year by highlighting our newest member of the Edvotek equipment line! We have miniaturized our well loved TruBlu 2 Blue/White Light Transilluminator and made it compatible with our classic M12 Electrophoresis System. With the TruBlu Jr., you can easily run SYBR Safe stained gels and visualize DNA bands as they run on gels. Love the blue light feature of our EDGE Integrated Electrophoresis System, but can’t justify replacing your entire electrophoresis lab station? No problem! The TruBlu Jr. will be a seamless addition to your lab station, giving you all the blue light features of the EDGE in a compact way, and at an affordable price! We specifically created this product for all our customers with M12 Electrophoresis Systems, who are looking to diversify the types of kits and experiments that they can do in the classroom. If you wanted to enter the SYBR Safe DNA Staining realm, this might be the perfect piece of equipment to help you get going!

Equipment Specs

• Includes Orange Contrast Lid for M12 Cover
• Battery operated for convenient use in the classroom
• Safe – Non-UV wavelength
• Blue Light Emission Spectrum Centered Around 470 nm
• Viewing Surface: 10 x 6 cm
• Universal Voltage for Worldwide Use

How Does it Work?

If you are using one of our QuickStrip-based experiments, and want to use SYBR Safe DNA stain to visualize your DNA bands, follow these quick and easy steps!
1. Make your gel. Typically, our QuickStrip experiments use a 0.8% TAE agarose gel. Let your agarose cool down a bit and add your SYBR (follow the directions in your literature for further details).

2. Set up your chamber. Once the SYBR Safe stained gel has cooled, remove combs and end caps and place in the chamber with electrophoresis buffer.

3. Slide your TruBlu Jr. under your M12 system. Make sure your TruBlu Jr. is fully charged before you run your gel! Placing your Jr. underneath the M12 before loading samples will help prevent the chamber from moving around and knocking samples out of wells.

4. Load samples into wells. Load your DNA samples from the QuickStrip into the appropriate wells. The volume of sample you load depends on the thickness of the gel you poured.

5. Place the lid on your chamber. Make sure the leads are connected to the power supply correctly.

6. Run your gel. Set the power supply to the correct voltage and time settings and press start!

7. Visualize bands. Place the accompanying orange filter on top of the chamber lid and press the lever on the Jr. to turn the blue light on. Through the orange filter you will be able to visualize your fluorescent DNA bands migrating through your gel!.

But That’s Not All!

If GFP transformation experiments seemed out of reach before due to equipment restrictions, here comes the TruBlu Jr. to the rescue! You can place your GFP transformed plates on the Jr., and all the glowing colonies can be seen. Check out some of the beautiful green fluorescent colonies in the picture below. Who wouldn’t want this multi-functional and compact piece of equipment in their lab?

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